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SANTOSA 2016 - the theme for our 11th Santosa gathering is CREATIVITY! Santosa Living Yoga and Bhakti camp

Dear ones, we are preparing for the most beautiful and creative Santosa gathering of all…

our schedule will be available soon. 

Our online booking is now open, with reduced rate early bird tickets.

We are sharing the tasks between us so that the Beautiful Healing Field Meadow is full of beings who are full of SANTOSA…  


It is the happy acceptance of what is, just as it arises.

It is the experience of contentment.

And it is a sweetness of indescribable beauty.

It is the name of the camp which has been running now for 11 years, and the camp herself is an opportunity to EXPERIENCE SANTOSA:

'By the experience of Santosa, unparalleled happiness arises' (Yoga Sutra, 2:42).


HARI OM dear yoginis and yogis,

Well now dears, much love to you all and here are the dates for our 2016 CAMPS- 

in SOMERSET at the Healing Field Meadow

from TUESDAY 23 AUGUST 2016 (arrivals) until TUESDAY 30 AUGUST 2016 (departures) 

we have over FIFTY wonderful yoga and meditation and dance teachers, musicians, singers and workshop facilitators on our packed schedule, as well as the opportunity to experience Yoga Nidra 5 times a day and to supplement this with discounted access to the uniquely comparative and exploratory online Total Yoga Nidra Foundation course, and also to be healed and ministered to by a host of skilled therapists.

We are delighted to welcome again the Celtic School of Yoga summer school sessions: an enchanting combination of breath, sound, song, poetry, music, movement, stories from the spiritual wisdom of the Celtic world, and very deep wild yoga nidra. 

We are also welcoming back some of our very favourite teachers who have been coming to Santosa yoga camp for years, and some very marvellous new friends, all sharing their skills, love and joy with us: we're looking forward to Kashmir yoga with Veronika and Laughter yoga with Amanda, to Heartsong every morning with Eliza and with Siri Sadhana, to Womb Yoga and Yoga Nidra from a cracking team from the Yoga Nidra Network, to chanting the names of the goddess with Antarma and the Amma satsang, to daily Babaji aarati with Tabla Tom and Thrisha, and evening bhakti from Babaji temple singers, Tim Chalice and Sivaani Mata, to Wild Yoga contemplative movement with Theo Wildcroft, to  DANCEmandala with Shaku and Shakti Dance with Anjali, and to the mighty Avalon Roots!  

And these are just a few of our favourite Santosa peeps! For a full listing of all our very wonderful teachers, bhaktas, meditation teachers and bhakti musicians, please visit our profiles page.

Please do bear in mind we are always open to the possibility of inspirational changes and bright ideas, so the schedule is never final till we get onto the field herself! We joyfully operate from a place of potent and creative uncertainty, in the loving arms of the deep feminine… But this is a pretty clear guide to what to expect. ENJOY 

As well as this marvellous schedule we also have a specially constructed NEW SAUNA (which is quite a treat to use), as well as a host of fabulous new extras in the kids' department (including origami and flying fun… and that's on top of the programme of kids' crafts activites, talent shows and movie-making proects). 

And all this is served up with three delicious veggie meals a day - plus complimentary chai at the morning meeting, and free hot chocolate at story time for the litle ones.

At Santosa you are welcomed, fed and get to share your mealtimes with a fabulous family of yogis of all ages.  

Once you are on site, every workshop, class, activity and meal is ALL INCLUDED in the price. What a wonderful thought!


With great respect and love from UMA


SCHEDULE UPDATES, PARENTS' INFO and… SANTOSA THE MOVIE II (a teens and tweens project for Santosa Yoga Camp 2015

Dear Lovely Santosa peeps

Here is the latest draft of our draft schedule for 2015 - as at 8 August 2015! She is a work in progress, and she is not our final say on the matter - there are more delights to add at every moment - so please do check again during August when updated versions of the schedule will be here for you to peruse. This is our thirteenth camp and we feel we have brought together here the most astonishing and diverse range of wonderful teachers to share from their hearts with you this year. We've been running the camp now since 2005, so feel confident that this year's schedule is, by a process of evolution, certainly the best ever!

Please note hard copies of the complete schedule will be provided at the camp. This draft schedule is provided to give you a taste of the rhythm of the day and the sort of marvellous teachers we have. ENJOY XXX

Also we have a SPECIAL DOCUMENT for parents of children and teens to share with you. Please, if you are bringing teens and children to the camp, be sure to download this useful document to find out what to bring and what you can do at the camp…

A fabulous group of Teens and Tweens, headed by Joseph and Angie Brew, will be developing from the mini-documentaries made last year to create SANTOSA THE MOVIE II at this year's camp, so if you'd like to be part of the crew, speak up at the morning meetings… Here's the trailer:

With great respect and love I send warm wishes for your well being


Santosa 2015 DRAFT schedule, updated 9 August ENJOY

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