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‘By the experience of Santosa, unparalleled happiness arises’ (Yoga Sutra, 2:42).

Santosa Camp 2020

We are sad to say Santosa Living Yoga & Bhakti Camp will not be happening this year. 

Dear hearts,

It’s with a heavy heart we have to let you know that Santosa will not be going ahead this year. In light of COVID-19 we feel it would be impossible to take the necessary steps to keep you all safe.

This has been a very hard decision to come to terms with, and we’re sure many of you will be disappointed. But we are already excited about Santosa 2021 and when we’ll gather in a field, together again.

In the meantime we take joy from the web of connection we’ve built together, and through the many amazing online offerings so many of you are sharing.

Please stay in contact, stay safe, take care of your loved ones, and support your communities.

For those of you already with tickets, please respond to alyceyoga@gmail.com (Alyce is the booking assistant) and she will be able to coordinate your refund. Alternatively you can hold on to your ticket and it will be honoured for Santosa Living Yoga & Bhakti Camp in 2021!

We will see you all soon.
With love,
The Santosa Team

Dawn til dusk, yoga of every description, for eight whole days!  

Back in 2021!

A web of hearts will hold us all so we are able to SHINE together 

What is Santosa?

It is the name of the camp which has been running for 14 years

The camp herself is an opportunity to experience SANTOSA

What is Santosa?

It is the happy acceptance of what is, just as it arises

It is the experience of contentment

And it is a sweetness of indescribable beauty

What is Santosa?

Dawn til dusk, yoga of every
description, for eight full days!

A web of hearts holds us all
so we are able to shine together

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Hari Om Dear Yoginis and Yogis,

Santosa offers over FIFTY wonderful yoga and meditation and dance teachers, musicians, singers and workshop facilitators, as well as the opportunity to experience Yoga Nidra 5 times a day. Santosa offers infinite opportunities for all of us to be healed, loved and ministered to by a host of skilled therapists.

We are delighted to welcome back some of our very favourite teachers who have been coming to Santosa yoga camp for years together with welcoming some very marvellous new friends. All share their skills, love and joy with us: we’re looking forward to Kashmir yoga with Veronika and to Heartsong every morning with Eliza and Eloise, to Womb Yoga and Yoga Nidra from a cracking team from the Yoga Nidra Network, to chanting the names of the goddess with the Amma satsang, to Babaji aarati with Sivani, and evening bhakti from many wonderful Bhaktas including Tim Chalice, Jai Krishna and Jim Fox, to Wild Yoga contemplative movement with Theo Wildcroft, to DANCEmandala with Shaku and Shakti Dance with Anjali.

– and these are just a few of our favourite Santosa peeps! For a full listing of all our very wonderful teachers, bhaktas, meditation teachers and bhakti musicians, please visit our profiles page.

Please do bear in mind we are always open to the possibility of inspirational changes and bright ideas, so the schedule is never final till we get onto the field herself! We joyfully operate from a place of potent and creative uncertainty, in the loving arms of the deep feminine… 

As well as the marvellous programme we also have a specially constructed NEW SAUNA which is quite a treat to use, as well as a host of fabulous new extras in the kids’ department (including origami and flying fun… and that’s on top of the programme of kids’ crafts activities).

And all this is served up with three delicious veggie meals a day – plus complimentary chai at the morning meeting, and free hot chocolate at story time for the little ones.

At Santosa you are welcomed, fed and get to share your mealtimes with a fabulous family of yogis of all ages.

Once you are on site, every workshop, class, activity and meal is ALL INCLUDED in the price. What a wonderful thought!


With great respect and love from UMA

What’s a day like at Santosa Yoga Camp?

From dawn around the rekindled fire to evenings of kirtan in the bhakti tent, you can expect full days of inspiration, yoga, workshops, ceremony and song.

Three meals of fantastic vegan food are part of your ticket price, as are a family-friendly (alcohol free) environment, showers with fantastic views of Glastonbury Tor, and a chance to connect with like-minded people.

The 2019 camp schedule is still available here.

 You can also download the full class listings with lots more detail of what happened this year.

What HAPPENS AT Santosa YOGA Camp?

Obviously you can experience and try out lots of different styles of yoga and meditation …

.. but you’ll also find kirtan and song …

     … ceremony and dance …

          … and five yoga nidras a day led by some of the world’s leading
              practitioners of the art of yogic sleep