Yoni Shakti: a woman’s guide to power and freedom through yoga and tantra

If you are a thinking woman, and you have ever practiced yoga, then you’ll definitely need to be visiting this site! The Yoni Shakti site contains many resources to support and deepen your understanding of the practice, politics, philosophy and mythology around women and yoga. It supports the radical and inspirational ideas set out in Yoni Shakti, and it offers many audio and visual downloads to answer the questions that any thinking woman has about the experience of practicing systems of yoga that were generally designed by and for men. What are we doing here ladies? Ask questions, look for answers
maybe read the book? Copies of Yoni Shakti are available to buy at a specially reduced rate at Santosa yoga camp for all thoughtful yoginis. The same creative energy that produced Yoni Shakti is the source power that originated Santosa in the first place, and you are welcome to re-connect to that source through this site.

Yoga Nidra Network

The Yoga Nidra Network is the world’s first and only completely independent resource for Total Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is the most widely accessible, effortless and deeply transformatory of all yoga practices. It can be practiced by everyone, anywhere, at anytime. All that is required is the ability to rest and listen. The Yoga Nidra network exists to expand, liberate and promote understanding of total yoga nidra. It was founded in 2012 by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli, and it offers the widest selection of freely-downloadable yoga nidra practices on the world wide web. The network also provides links to teachers trained in all lineages of yoga nidra, and continually updated resources and information about Total Yoga nidra. if you are looking for courses, trainings, workshops, classes and online webinars in Yoga Nidra, then this is the place to be! And if you are not already familiar with yoga nidra, this is the place to find out more. We are please that teachers from the Yoga Nidra Network are at Santosa offering five opportunities to practice yoga nidra every day. ENJOY!

Womb Yoga (return to the source)

The womb yoga site shares resources for nurturing Yoga especially for women of all ages. This delicious practice supports menstrual health, fertility, pregnancy, healthy menopause and many other aspects of women’s health. This site also provides links to teachers across europe who are trained in women’s yoga by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. Many of these teachers have been regular contributors at Santosa since its inception. So if you have enjoyed the sessions at the camp, you can track down a supportive teacher, and resources (videos and pdfs) to further your practice through this site. ENJOY!

Lift share

We have our very own page on the free wheelers lift sharing service, should you wish to use it…