First we have A Taste Of Santosa. This was filmed in 2014 but it’s still a really good representation of the camp vibe and what to expect.

Singing is a really big part of Santosa – singing workshops, evening kirtan in the Bhakti Temple or just spontaneous singing circles.

Another Taste Of Santosa! I think this might have been filmed in 2015 and includes contributions from Uma, founder of Santosa Yoga Camp.

Uma and Sivani set the words of the poetess Lalla to music and are seen here singing them in the Bhakti Temple in 2015.

I, Lalla, entered the jasmine garden,
where Shiva and Shakti were making love.

I dissolved into them,
and what is this
to me, now?

I seem to be here,
but really I’m walking
in the jasmine garden.

To close the final night in the Bhakti Temple in 2018, everybody made an offering to the altar while Uma sang the mantra Om Parashaktayai Namaha. Here’s a short clip from the thirty minute whole.