Site agreement

Please also ensure that every human in your party over the age of ten has also read and agreed to the agreement. THANK YOU

Site Agreement PDF

Site Agreement: Santosa Summer Yoga Camp

To be held by everyone on site aged 10 or over, thank you

With great respect and love,

We aim for this gathering to be a peaceful and harmonious event, full of joy and fun for everyone. We aim to create a pure clear space of conscious awareness and kindness so that we can all enjoy the yoga sessions and each other’s company together happily.

To achieve these aims we would ask each one of you to be fully mindful of the following basic rules, and agree to observe them whilst you are on site:

Absolutely and without exception please: no alcohol and no drugs on site – for your own well-being and that of others around you (including all the children) please keep a clear head.
Please be mindful that everyone on site has a KARMA YOGA duty, (eg kitchen prep, water heating, toilet cleaning, car parking) and this will be assigned to you at time of arrival. By paying for your ticket you indicate your willingness to do your share of the karma yoga rota (usually half an hour each day).

No littering – pick up after yourselves and your children please. Do your own RECYCLING. Consider this a yogic meditation on DISCRIMINATION – VIVEKA. There is no rubbish. There are only misplaced resources! If you sort out all your stuff you will find it nearly all has a place and there will be hardly any landfill. Please bring the recyclables home or take them to our local recycling centre – address at the gate tent.

Quiet please everyone after 11pm.

The site gate is open at dawn and closed by 9pm – so come and go freely during that time, but not between 9pm and dawn. If you do need to leave or arrive after the gate is shut please let us know as soon as possible.

No individual fires outside of the established fire pits on site – please join the community fire circle.

Only biodegradable soap and shampoo for showers, and hand washing. Please use the soap and washing up liquid provided.

If you have children under six, please accompany them when they go to use the toilets and ensure all is cleaned up after them.


By paying for my ticket I demonstrate that I understand and agree to observe the terms of the on- site agreement above.