Where’s the schedule and what do I get for my money?

We work on the schedule right up to the last minute, so please check the Downloadable Guidance Documents for the latest version of running order and list of teachers attending. Please print this out and bring it with you. There will be no paper copies on site. Once you arrive on site all classes and workshops are free. All you need to pay for are any treatments you arrange with the therapists. As always there maybe last minute changes to the schedule.

I want to teach at the camp, how does that work?

We have many offers of teachers for this camp, and a regular team of experienced Santosa teachers. We are keen to encourage other inspiring teachers / bhakti session leaders or workshop facilitators to come and join us. If you would like to be considered for teaching at the camp, then please be aware you will be asked to teach a minimum of three sessions in return for a discounted ticket price. If this appeals, then please mail a fifty word description of your proposed session and also proof of your current insurance and teaching qualification to santosamotherplan@gmail.comwith the word TEACHER in the subject line together with a HIGH QUALITY HIGH RES PHOTO.

If there is a space in the schedule and your proposal sounds as if it would fit in with what is on offer then one our marvellous schedulers will get back to you. If we have run out of space on the schedule by the time you mail us we may well invite you to attend the camp as a paying guest, but to be willing to be on standby / cover duty in case of need, or to step up and offer your session as a spontaneous sharing in a free structure during the camp. If you offer three sessions or more then we can make a partial refund of the fee you originally paid, in line with the discounted rate on offer to all Santosa teachers.

I want to be a therapist at the camp, how does that work?

We seek to offer space only to those therapists who can bring their own beautiful healing spaces with them. We have observed in previous camps that those therapists and healers who set up an appealing structure in which they enjoy to work find that they have the most interest from the campers. All therapists pay a basic reduced ticket rate and donate 20 per cent of their takings to the camp funds at the end of the camp. If you are equipped to offer a healing therapy in a lovely structure, and you’re all set with your blackboard / appointment book for campers to book themselves in, then please email your insurance certificate and qualification documents as attachments to Sam on bloomfield5879@gmail.com with “SANTOSA-THERAPIST” in the subject line and we will get back to you to confirm whether or not we have a space for you. It depends on getting the right mix of different therapies in the right number in order for this aspect of the camp to work well for everyone.