How many people come?

The most people we have had at Santosa in Somerset was 250. This includes around 40 yoga teachers, our crew and usually about 10 healers and therapists. It is a friendly camp, and everyone gets to know most people. We cannot easily accommodate many more on the site, and we love the Healing Field Meadow so much that we want to keep our camp small and perfect, so we all fit in the single meadow. The maximum number the site can comfortably accommodate is 300.

Why does it cost more if I pay by PayPal?

Payments via Paypal have a commission and fee deducted before we receive the money. If you pay by BACS, there is no charge of this kind so we offer a small discount.


Where does the money go?

Santosa is a non profit community-building, supportive, networking and nourishing social gathering for many yoga teachers who are all committed to the vision of YOGASEVA – to spread the light of yoga for all. We do this through the provision of yoga therapy in many different venues and to many different populations.

Supporting the happiness of yoga teachers and their families and friends is an important aspect of this work.

Santosa is run on a budget to make it an affordable camp for as many people as want to join us. We just manage to make ends meet through the energy and generosity of our volunteer workers and karma yogis. Children under 12 attend Santosa for free, however we rely on donations for the childrens’ food and camp services to keep our heads above water and to enable us to continue to run Santosa camps.

We hope to keep it a sustainable operation that can thrive and grow into the future, ensuring its beneficial energies continue to spread blessings to all who attend.