What about soap?

Biodegradable washing up liquid and hand soap is provided for washing up and for hand-washing. Please be sure that your own soaps and shampoos for showering and bathing are also biodegradable. The washing water soaks straight off into the fields.

What facilities are on site?

Please be aware this is super-low impact, minimal camping. There is no electricity for public use. We have water points around the field, and exquisite shower and sauna facilities. We have composting drop toilets (sitting and squatting varieties) at the car park end of the field. Our toilet fairies work hard to keep them lovely for everyone, and we find that most people much prefer these to stinky chemical plastic boxes! We light them at night with lanterns so you can see to poo in the dark if you need to. Please poo in the hole and put a handful of sawdust on top of your creation before your leave. Please accompany children under six to the toilets and if necessary clear up after them. Please be sure to wash your hands with the soap and water provided after using the toilets.

What about recycling and rubbish?

This is a clean, green site. Please leave no trace of your presence on the site. Please sort out any recycling and take all of it and all of your rubbish away with you. We provide biodegradable black sacks for you at the Welcome Tent to keep everything sorted and tidy. Please keep your pitch tidy and the bags covered so as to discourage night time foraging by neighboring creatures, and to discourage flies and wasps during the daytime. You can compost your veggie scraps in the compost bins by the toilets.

“Take only photos, leave only footprints”