Crucial information

This tells you what to expect this year. Even if you have come before, please do take a moment to read this because there are quite a lot of new developments this year, in particular around what you need to bring for our wonderful ashram kitchen (i.e. no food needed, but you MUST bring your plate, mug, bowl and spoon!)

Crucial Information


Please be mindful that we are sharing the site with the animals and birds whose home it is. The following guidelines will help us to respect our hosts and leave no trace of our presence, so that when we leave the place is as beautiful as we found it.

PLEASE know that by paying for your Ticket you are indicating that you are fully in accord with the terms of the SITE AGREEMENT. THANK YOU!


We encourage you to camp where you will be happy. Choose your space anywhere in the top part of the site. Please do not camp in the main circle where the big structures are, please keep the main circle clear for yoga domes, yurts and therapists’ camping. Camp in circles with your friends, or privately. Live-in vehicles and caravans please line up along the fence next to the car parking area, or along the back hedge corner.


Please ensure you have given your registration number and mobile phone to the Welcome Tent. Leave your vehicle in the parking spaces up at the top of the site, and follow the Fire Lanes if you drive in or out.


Meals included in the cost of your ticket. Breakfast from 0700, lunch at 1200 and supper at 1800. You are welcome to gather around the main campfire to eat and chat as well as in any other structure not being used with the exception of our Bhakti Temple.


If you have children with you please attend the daily parents and children’s meetings at 12 noon in the kid’s tent (only ten minutes each time!). Remember your children are absolutely your responsibility at all times. There is no crèche. There are many sessions on the schedule you can enjoy together with your children, specifically designed for families. In addition, many teachers are very happy to include babies and children in their classes, but do check first they are OK with this. If your child is attending an activity happily without you, ensure that they know exactly where you will be in case they feel they need you. Go with them to the toilet if your kids are six and under please (see toilets).


There are showers and buckets in the shower area with hot and cold water. There are also four standpipes around the site with cold water. All water on site is mains water, which is safe for drinking.


Plenty of super composting loos are up under the trees on the right hand side of the field in the corner by the hedge near the car parking section. Please accompany all children six years and under to the toilets to help them aim well and clear up properly. Aim carefully yourself too! Please put a handful of sawdust on top of your poo. Please wash your hands using the biodegradable soap provided. Unless you have biodegradable items, then please absolutely no sanitary towels and nappies down the composting toilets please, see the section on rubbish and recycling.


We all need to do our bit to keep the camp running happily. Please make a note of the Karma Yoga assigned to you at the time of arrival and do be sure to turn up to do it. We all depend on each other and it can take time tracking you down if you forget!


Please do your best to get to these – they are heart warming, and also a practical way to get solutions to any issues you may have or to share anything you wish to share, or to suggest an extra workshop or class.



Please pick up after yourself (and your children!). There will be clear guidelines for recycling at your first welcome meeting, 0930 – 10.15 so please attend if you can. Please sort, clean and keep your own recycling and waste tidy. Collect a recyclable black bin bag from the Welcome Tent and use it to take your packaging away with you to recycle or bring to the local Recycling Centre, detail at the Welcome Tent. Please sort it out yourself.

Minimise your landfill, and keep your conscience clear. Be mindful of foxes and other nighttime creatures who may be interested in your rubbish or food, and do keep it all neatly stowed away. Clean and tidy please is the best way! Any veggie and fruit scraps can be composted in the hedges or the toilets.


The main fire focus is the community fire circle in the main circle, which we will keep burning throughout the camp. Please DO NOT make fire pits anywhere else on site.


There is a First Aid Kit both in the Welcome Tent and in the Ashram Kitchen and Dining Tent. If you need help, please if you can, go to the shop. Most of our yoga teachers are qualified first aiders, so you can also ask any teacher for assistance.


Selling basic provisions and treats also available Chai, Teas, coffees and Soft drinks.