How do I find out more about what happens on site?

Please download the crucial information document from the Downloadable Guidance Documents.

It’s a good idea to have a very good read before you arrive to ensure you know what you are signing up for! Please also read the Site Agreement as once you send your payment for the Ticket you are indicating to us that you are in accord with the Site Agreement and we’ll hold you to it.

I want to trade my crafts/wares/second hand stuff at the camp, how do I do it?

We have two bazaars at the camp. Please check the schedule for days and times. You are most welcome to bring and share your home made crafts, second hand items, jewellery, arts, and all other delights in keeping with the yoga camp at the bazaar, all you need to do is to bring it along with you and set up a stall. Most of us use blankets on the earth as our stalls.

What do I need to bring?

There is a full list of stuff to bring in the Downloadable Guidance Documents. Basically you need to bring yourself, all your camping equipment, and a plate, bowl, spoon, fork, knife and mug for yourself and each person in your party, plus a tea towel or two for drying up; your yoga mat and any other yoga stuff you want to use, musical instruments if you want to play. Flip flops are handy for the outdoor showers.. Bring clothes for all weathers – in the last years we have had blazing sun, (bring hats, sunblock and sunglasses); pouring rain (full waterproofs, umbrellas and wellies are a must), and the nights get a bit chilly, even if you are round the campfire (warm sweaters and rugs/blankets to sit on). Typical English summer gear.

If you want to trade your crafts or wares at the Bazaars, you are most welcome: please bring your stock and something nice to set it all out on.