What about fires?

We have a single community camp fire for focus. It will be minded by our fire keepers who will help us keep it safe and sacred. Please join us around this fire and respect the fire keeper’s guidance. There are also fires under the water to keep it hot for showers. But we ask for no other fires on site.

What about food?

Three delicious sattvic (wholesome) vegan meals are included in the cost of your ticket. There is breakfast available from 8am in the morning (fresh fruit, cereals, crackers, breads and spreads) Complimentary chai is served at the morning meeting. A simple lunch (eg rice and dhal, or noodles and veggies) is available around noon, and a one pot evening meal (stews or soups) in the evening at 6pm. Coffees, teas, soft drinks, chai and cakes and snacks are available to purchase from the Chai Shop.

Please bring your own plate, mug, bowl, cutlery and tea towel to the kitchen when you come to collect your blessed food.

Where do we eat?

We have a gorgeous communal kitchen marquee and soft social space to accommodate everyone comfortably. The intention is that by serving the camp meals at set times we can all eat together and enjoy the wider company of everyone on the camp together with the delicious food from Santosa’s ashram kitchen.

What about water?

There are stand pipes around the field providing mains cold water for drinking, washing, cooking. We have a wonderful shower and sauna area, under the trees at the far end of the field.