Crew, Elf, Teacher, Therapist, Artist registration form

Crew – Elf – Teacher – Therapist – Artist registration form

Use this form to book your place only if you have been accepted as a Crew Member, Elf, Teacher, Therapist or Artist at Santosa Yoga Camp.

If you’ve been told your personal Registration Fee (based on length of stay and your offering) to cover food and other costs, please enter this amount in the registration form “Teacher/Crew donation” box. If you’re a Full Elf/Half Elf/Crew then this definitely applies to you.

If you haven’t been given a specific Registration Fee (Teachers/Therapists), please (if you are able) make a donation of £10 per day that you are on site towards food and running costs. It costs £20 per day per person (young and old) to run the camp so if you can afford to give more, that would obviously be appreciated.

Tickets for children 11 years and under at the time of camp are free. However we ask that you add a donation to your registration fee towards their food and camp services. If you also need to book in family members over 11 years old, please use the general booking form for them.

With great respect and love, please note this booking form should be completed only after reading the site agreement.

To register is an indication to us that you have read and are fully in accord with this agreement. Please also ensure that every human in your party over the age of ten has also read and agreed. THANK YOU!