• Crucial Information

    This tells you what to expect this year. Even if you have come before, please do take a moment to read this because there are quite a lot of new developments this year, in particular around what you need to bring for our wonderful ashram kitchen (ie no food needed, but you MUST bring your plate, mug, bowl and spoon!)

    Download pdf PDF icon Crucial Information or view online
  • Stuff to Bring

    This tells you what stuff to bring.

    Download pdf PDF icon Stuff to Bring or view online
  • Directions

    Here is a map of where the camp is, and also a pdf to download with more detail.

    Download pdf PDF icon directions-2014.pdf or view online
  • Site Agreement: Santosa Summer Yoga Camp

    Please also ensure that every human in your party over the age of ten has also read and agreed to the agreement. THANK YOU

    Download pdf PDF icon Site Agreement or view online
  • HERE IS the 2018 SCHEDULE as a preview of what to expect

    I'm working hard with over forty fabulous teachers to create the 2018 SCHEDULE for you all right now.
    I believe it's the best schedule we have ever had! It includes teachings from so many different kinds of teachers, you are sure to find something to nourish and uplift you!

    Here is the proposal for what will happen - this will be the planned programme, and you can pretty much expect everything on this schedule to happen at the time it says - however, this schedule is just a PROPOSAL and is wide open to the possiblliity of spontaneous contributions, and unexpected arrivals and all other good and joyous things -

    You are welcome to print this out and be guided by it - but you don't need your own copy
    Hard copies of this schedule in a bound programme will be available to everyone on the camp, on arrival

    Download pdf PDF icon 2018 Schedule for Santosa - full schedule , PDF icon 2018 Listings for Santosa or view online
  • Santosa - the inside story

    Santosa Yoga Camp 2005 – 2013:
    Eight years, ten camps: the inside Uma

    Download pdf PDF icon Santosa inside story.pdf or view online